Ultra Dense, Cost Effective 4U x 60 3.5” HDD Enclosure

The Newisys® NDS-4600 addresses today’s relentless data growth with an ultra dense, cost effective solution. Housing 60 hot-swappable 3.5” SAS or SATA HDDs in a 4U enclosure makes it one of the densest storage enclosures available with 15 HDDs/U, and 30 TBs/U using 2TB SATA HDDs. The Newisys NDS-4600 offers best-in-class performance supporting 6Gb/sec SAS 2.0 host and SAS/SATA HDD connections, space saving density, “green” energy efficiency, and 24-7 high availability redundancies of key components. With 4 SAS connectors per IO module, the NDS-4600 can support 19,200 MB/sec bandwidth. SAS 2.0 zoning support enables a variety of configurations including high availability, disaster recovery, multi-server fan-out, and maximum performance.

In addition to functioning as a standalone external DAS JBOD for standard SAS host connect, the NDS-4600 is a perfect expansion companion to the NDS-8250 Storage Server. Multiple NDS-4600 can be daisy-chained together to keep pace with data growth.

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Greater storage efficiency continues to be an urgent priority. Newisys is uniquely positioned to meet your goals.

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